Visma TechTalks@Sibiu 27 Nov 2018

We are happy to announce that the 2nd edition of Visma TechTalks@Sibiu will be held on November 27th, 2018. 


Location: Visma Software headquarters, Strandului Street, no. 2B, Hattrick Offices building, Sibiu 

Session: Forget about Javascript, long live Blazor!

Category: Programming/Architecture


The presentation topic is focused on Web Development using Blazor, a .NET web framework that uses C#/Razor and HTML to generate code that will run on the browser.

In the current landscape of web development where each day new frameworks appear to "help" facilitate different aspects of the development, Blazor tries to offer some alternatives to the current mainstream: stability, consistency, speed and scalability. Blazor manages to run on the browser via WebAssembly - an open web standard, supported in web browsers without plugins. WebAssembly is a compact bytecode format optimized for fast download and maximum execution speed.



17:00 – 17:30 Welcome and pizza
17:30 – 18:30

Forget about Javascript, long live Blazor!

Adrian Bărglăzan,Software Developer

After 18:30 Networking


Adrian Bărglăzan, Software Developer

Software developer with more than 10 years experience in various technologies/frameworks: from embedded C, to C++, C# and Javascript.
His focus is currently on .NET stack and Web development. Also he is interested in compression - especially image compression (lossless and near-lossless) and computer vision.


Looking forward to having you with us!