Visma TechTalks@Sibiu 18 Apr 2019

We are happy to announce that the 5th edition of Visma TechTalks@Sibiu will be held on April 18th, 2019


Location: Visma Software headquarters, Strandului Street, no. 2B, Hattrick Offices building, Sibiu 

Session: Fun with primes by Angela Calborean

Category: Mathematics/Algorithms


Prime numbers have fascinated mathematicians for centuries.

The properties of primes have been investigated for thousands of years out of pure curiosity and pleasure without knowing a practical purpose for them.

All of this has changed once we entered the digital era and public-key cryptography has brought the subject of prime numbers into focus.

Every day when you send a message over the Internet there is some mathematics behind it. Let's find out what it is and some of the secrets of prime numbers.



17:00 – 17:30 Welcome and pizza
17:30 – 18:30

Fun with primes

Angela Calborean, Software Developer

After 18:30 Networking


Angela Calborean, Software Developer

She has been a Software Developer for more than 10 years, involved in various projects mostly with .NET technology. Now, her main focus is on cloud solutions.

She took part in different math competitions, therefore the passion for mathematics.

Besides everyday programming tasks, she enjoys parenting tasks, SF books and math vlogs.


Looking forward to having you with us!