Visma TechTalks@Sibiu 17 Oct 2019

We are happy to announce that the 9th edition of Visma TechTalks@Sibiu will be held on October, 17th 2019.


Location: Visma Software headquarters, Strandului Street, no. 2B, Hattrick Offices building, Sibiu. 

Session: Working with hackers: Responsible Disclosure and Bug Bounty program @Visma by Ioana Piroska and Daniel Ilies - Security Analysts

Category: Security


The presentation focuses on two of the success security programs that we are having in Visma. We feel privileged to run such programs, as there are not many companies that afford this or have the management support for it. 

How do we do this?

We invite hackers, or security researchers all over the world, and we pay them for the vulnerabilities found by testing our services.We increase a lot the application security in this way, as more researchers means more eyes of expertise, more findings and a better security.



17:00 – 17:30 Welcome and pizza
17:30 – 18:30

Working with hackers: Responsible Disclosure and Bug Bounty program @Visma

After 18:30 Q&A and Networking


About our Speakers:

Ioana Piroska is a Security Analyst@ Visma Software and part of our Timisoara SOC team (Security Operational Center) since 2018. Her goal is to keep up with everything new, which has helped her maintain on top of the game since she first entered the IT field 12 years ago.

As a former IT Application Support Engineer, System Administrator,  IT Network Engineer and now a Security Analyst, her areas of expertise include: consult and support Service Delivery Teams to enroll to different security programs: Cyber Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Bug Bounty, Responsible Disclosure;review security data from real time monitoring systems; triage and reproduce alerts and reports to determine relevancy and urgency.

Mother of two, she balances work life and family life very well, always finding some free time for her hobbies like reading, doing sports and baking. 

FUN FACT: Ioana’s passion and curiosity for Cyber Security earned her the nickname “The mother of the hackers”.

Daniel Ilies holds the position as a Security Analyst in Visma Software. He is a very passionate in his work and appreciates people who share his determination and put in the effort needed for a job well done.

Even with a technical background of 11 years in the IT industry, from which the last 6 years in the Cyber Security field, he continues to gain knowledge in order to always be at the best of his abilities.

His area of expertise include: Vulnerability test and exploitation, SIEM, Networking and Web Filtering solutions - experience gained working as a System Administrator and Network Administrator.

Newly father of a five months old boy, balancing personal life and work life are most important to him.

FUN FACT: Besides day to day activities, his hobbies include car repairs and fine tuning.


We look forward to seeing you there!