Visma TechTalks@Timișoara 1st Edition 29-30 May

We are stocked to anounce the first ever TechTalks@Timișoara!

  • What: AWS Serverless Workshop @ Visma Timișoara
  • When: 29-30 May, from 10:00 to 15:00
  • Where: Visma Office, UBC 3, 10th floor, Venus Meeting Room
  • Who: Your trainers will be Cristian Gherghinescu and Alin Iacob
Implementing a highly scalable Web Application without managing any serves may seem hard, but in
reality, it’s not. Serverless allows you to build applications without managing servers, making this
process easier by eliminating infrastructure management tasks.

If you are an IT student, take part in our AWS Serverless Workshop and you will learn how easy implementing applications without managing servers is.

In this hands-on workshop you will build a highly scalable Web Application on the Amazon Web
Services Public Cloud as a Serverless solution. We will start with a short Serverless introduction and
then jump to the exercises. First, you'll deploy a web application using AWS Lambda, API Gateway,
Amazon S3 and DynamoDB. The second part will illustrate how you can use AWS services to process real-time data streams without managing any servers. For this we will use Amazon Kinesis and
Amazon Athena in addition to the previous exercise. In the third part you will use AWS Step Functionsto build an image processing workflow.

About our trainers:

Cristian Gherghinescu is a Software Architect @Visma Software and part of our team since 2008. His goal is to keep up with everything new, which has helped him maintain on top of the game since he first entered the software development field in 2006. Cristi started with C# and Java EE and is now focused on adapting the current solution to the AWS platform.

Besides day to day activities he is also a very passionate speaker, organising internal workshops in Visma on Design Patterns, Unit Testing and AWS Serverless. Lately he became enthusiastic about Serverless solutions.

Alin Iacob is a Software Architect@ Visma Software since 2016. He is a very passionate in his work and appreciates people who share his determination and put in the effort needed for a job well done.

Even with a technical background of close to 11 years in the IT industry, he continues to gain knowledge in order to always be at the best of his abilities. His focus in the past years has been Serverless Architectures and DevOps, using AWS Services.

Preparation is key you will need:

  • laptop (if you do not have one, we will provide one)
  • an AWS account - AWS Free tier is enough for doing all the exercises;
  • basic programming knowledge of at least one: Javascript, Python, C#, Java;
  • your preferred text editor;

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