Visma's Bug Bounty Program

Our very own Ioana Piroska, affectionallly named «Mother of Hackers» has shared some of her learnings from running our Bug Bounty program for some time.

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Save money and time?

By Ioana Duda

Chat bot, automatic dispatch and FAQ recommendation, process mining, automatic anonymization of sensitive data, prediction and prevention of incidents, RPA. You name it, we either build it inhouse or sell it.



Visma's Bug Bounty

By Ioana Piroska

Our company’s nearly one million customers trust us to deliver secure products and services, from payroll and bookkeeping to document sharing and software management.

With such sensitive customer information at play, it’s vital that no vulnerabilities get missed, which is what led Visma to invite hackers to help them secure their digital assets.

Typed fake REST APIs 

By Adrian Fâciu

Whenever you start working on a new project, you might need to consume an API. But that API might not be written yet, or you don’t want to hit the real thing while developing the app.

In this post we’re going to have a look at using JSON Server and faker.js to create a fake REST API. You can use it for local development, testing or any other related tasks.