Let’s cake it!

Some skills you are born with and some you acquire along the way, either way to perfect them you need pasion, creativity and the willingness to always be and do better. 

I am among those people who were born with their passion, it goes back generations. My earliest memory of being attracted to baking dates to my childhood. I remember watching my mother in the kitchen, always captivated by how she can transform such bland and unattractive ingredients, like flour and seeds, into something so delicious and mouth watering. All intensified especially when seen through the eyes of a child.

When I say I was attracted to do the same is an understatement, I was fascinated, I felt like that's something I can do and love for all my life.The moment when my children were born was the moment I took my skills and passion for baking even more seriously, I wanted to bake for my family as my mother did for us: as much as possible. Baking makes me happy and baked goods make everyone happy, so it’s a win win.

As my children grew, their imagination grew with them and so did my skills.

When they wanted special decorated cakes for their birthdays I decided to take it as a challenge and make them myself. Needless to say, as I’ve never decorated my cakes with cartoon characters before, it was a bit of a hustle until I managed to get it just right.

First, I needed to educate myself, so I watched some Youtube content, a lot of Youtube content. When I felt confident enough in my knowledge I watched another video, just in case. Step one, done! Next, together with my boys, we decided on the theme, after I prepared myself and bought some decorating tools and materials and I was good to go.

To my surprise all went quite well and, the best of all, the result made my boys excited. 

Since then, for each of their birthdays, they choose the theme and I try to create it. In time, I discovered that being creative relaxes me and the smiles and happiness of my dear ones are more than enough incentives for me to continue. I also started to take orders from friends and family, just for fun and when my free time permits.

My boys are part of the process as I was part of my mothers.

They are my main motivation, seeing them proud of my work and happy with the results is the best feeling.